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With and for Bee Family I made a cute and sweet honey cook book. 

The bee queen Ambrosina leaves with some of her bees her home, because a new queen will take over soon.


In the garden she meets some children, so she tells them about the bee’s life during the year and twelve sweet recipes with her delicious honey.

So a lot of cooing took place.

IMG_2829k IMG_2492k  IMG_0587k IMG_0312k  IMG_4446k IMG_3735k

A very nice little cook book for all honey addicts. With a recipe for each month and season.


das süsse Honig-Kochbuch für kleine und grosse Honigschwärmer,
published November 2013 Avexys GmbH for Bee Family AG
(ISBN 978-3-907583-07-4)